Problemas entre CRM 3.0 y Active Directory

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This is my scenario:
1. Active Directory Server fails without backup
2. CRM 3.0 Server whit a lot of customizations without backup
3. We already have reinstalled active directory
4. CRM Redeployment Wizard ends with "CRM Redeployment Wizard must be run before CRM Installation"
5. We can’t acces CRM for backup the customizations so we can’t uninstall it.
Please Help.



Is CRM installed on a different server from your Active Directory server?
The CRM Redeployment Wizard must be run on the CRM server.



Yes it’s a different server for the active directory and yes we are runing the wizard in the CRM Server


So the wizard seems to think that CRM is not installed.
Are you getting any message from browsing to the CRM web site?
I think you might need to reinstall CRM and then run the redeployment wizard. Before you do the installation make a backup of the 2 SQL databases related to CRM.
You could even install CRM on another server.
During the install select to connect to an existing deployment. If that works you should be able to get into CRM using the account you used to do the installation and also to run the redeployment wizard.



NO, the wizard says that it must be run BEFORE the CRM installation. When we browse the CRM web site the message is "Not a valid user" for all the former users. Reinstallation its not an option until we can browse de CRM web site to make a complete customization’s export.



Sorry, you are quite about the wizard. It has a been while since I worked on version 3 problems.
Then have you tried running the wizard on a server different than the CRM server?
All customizations are contained in the SQL databases so I wouldn’t be too worried about uninstalling. Unless, you added more advanced customizations such as call-outs, everything is in the databases.



That’s the problem we have a lot of advanced customizations, call-outs, assemblies, client side scripts, etc.
Running the wizard in another server sounds weird, but i’ll try and i let you know.



Ran the wizard in another server and even when it seems to work fine is getting the same error message



Correction, the new error message was "Invalid User Authorization. The user authentication passed to the platform is not valid" i google it and found this the resolution 2 has worked fine and i finally could browse the CRM Web Page,

Thank you very much.



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